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Stanley Weiss, DDS

Dr Stan Weiss...take your pick...dentist, bicyclist, skier, eclipse chaser, photographer, Peloton advocate...just ask his patients..they know all about him...he looks forward to meeting you as well!

Stanley Weiss DDS   Emanuel Tennenbaum DDS | Intraoral Camera, Teeth Whitening and Dentures
Stanley Weiss DDS   Emanuel Tennenbaum DDS | Oral Exams, Preventative Program and Root Canals

Dr.Weiss has been practicing cosmetic and restorative dentistry since he graduated from Columbia University College of Dental Medicine. While in school, he did the core concentration in Prosthodontic/Restorative dentistry. He continued on at Columbia Dental as a prosthodontic instructor for several years, before opening his own practice in Manhattan with Dr. Tennenbaum.

Dr. Weiss has developed a broad clientele, not only from the tri-state area, but international patients as well; always accommodating those on tight schedules. Dr. Weiss prides himself on using the newest technologies available to provide the ultimate in dental care to his patients. He was among the first dentists in the tri-state areas to use digital x-rays and digital intra-oral photography.

Dr. Weiss is married with three children and lives in Westchester County.

Among his patients, he can count one former NYC mayor and two Super Bowl National Anthem singers.

Stanley Weiss DDS   Emanuel Tennenbaum DDS | Implant Dentistry, Oral Exams and Root Canals
Stanley Weiss DDS   Emanuel Tennenbaum DDS | Teeth Whitening, Cosmetic Dentistry and Digital Radiography